Away Team Aero Bib Short

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For the first time ever, we're offering a variation of our "Race Team" jersey available to the public, under a limited colorway. Naturally we needed some bibs to go with them, so why not bibs with the best chamois on the market? Designed to match any jersey in your closed, and muted/hidden branding so you'll never clash, whether you're in Ham gear or whatever jersey the Radavist is telling you to like this week. 

Made by Castelli, who has made our team kits for three years going now, and is one of the top companies of choice for competitive cycling. 

Now let's learn a bit about the chamois in this Aero Bib short

Maximum technology for supreme comfort. constructed in two components, each dedicated to a specific purpose, that together create the most comfortable seat pad on the planet.

    • Skin Care Layer
      A four-way stretch, microdenier, seamless, bacteriostatic layer made to adapt to the shape of your body and saddle without any folds in the fabric.
      Air flows right into the surface fabric to aid evaporation.
      • Seamless Integrated Technology Cushioning Layer
        Multi-density foam with infinitely variable thickness.
        The thickness of the pad is engineered to place the padding where you need it most for maximum comfort.

      • Viscous Comfort Inserts: Perforated viscous padding is added under the highly sensitive ishial and perineum pressure areas.

      We normally don't do the whole pre-order thing, but these are high quality (and priced, though we believe fairly) kits, and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to get one, as the shop will have an extremely limited run of them.

      Products may take up to 8 weeks to ship after production begins. Pre Order ends 4/9/17. Mock ups are an approximation of the final product and may vary depending on sizes and production.

      This is an "aero" bibshort. Lots of the team sized up on this. Please double check your sizing before ordering, as all sales for this pre-order are final.