Bicycle Crumbs Sock

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Bicycle Crumbs has set the internet on fire with his amazing artwork and now he's at it again with the inaugural design for DeFeet's Artist Series "Always burn your last match before it burns you"

Nothing is worse then coming home and feeling like you didn't do anything. Some of the best rides I've had with friends are the ones where we blow up early on the hills, stumble into shit roads and get lost, then have to back track and limp the entire way home. It's at those moments when you learn the most, take in the most, and actually feel like you did something that day

6” DeFeet Aireator® with its trademark venting mesh weave foot, lightweight cuff, and durable heel and toe, the Aireator guarantees long-lasting performance. Made with CoolMax® EcoMade™, from recycled resources

Composition: 60% Nylon, 39% COOLMAX® EcoMadeª, 1% Lycra®.